Ledil is known globally for their innovative and high-quality LED optics, and they have earned a reputation among manufacturers for durability, reliability, and high efficiency. They have the biggest portfolio of LED lenses, reflectors, and COB holders for indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications. Since their beginnings in 2002, they have set out on a…

aLED AURA+ Series

aLED AURA+ LED driver series is designed in cold and frosty weather in Finland. The Series reflects Nordic power and mindsets as it works great even in the most demanding conditions.  Almost 40 years of knowledge of the lighting industry created the aLED AURA+ series, which offers reliable easy-to-use products for lighting professionals.


The next generation COB light source that pursues high efficacy,point source and quality of light.Contributes to the realization of luminaires with excellent appearance. Arrant-Light Oy is the official distributor of Citizen COBs in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  


Lighting industry professionals, we have an answer to your problems. The answer is called aLED. aLED introduces a wide range of products, from reliable LED drivers to high-quality LED modules designed precisely for the industry’s needs and standards. From aLED’s selection, you’ll find everything you need for your newest project. aLED brand is a combined…

Heat Management

High-Power COB LEDs always need thermal management for cooling the LED. Heatsinks and heat pipes are used to cool the LED effectively. The most important feature of the thermal management of high-power LEDs is the cooling efficiency. With a high-quality cooling element, you can select a smaller heat management solution.  From Arrant-Light’s wide selection you’ll find thermal management for…


From Arrant-Light Oy’s selection, you’ll find LED strips and LED spots used in general lighting or luminaire design. These versatile products are suitable for many types of applications. Always with aLED quality – the best color rendering, long lifetime, and highest efficacy.    It’s easy, it’s aLED.


We are eager and ready for all design challenges!  Arrant-Light Oy has nearly 40 years of experience providing creative, cost-efficient, and state-of-the-art solutions according to our customers’ most challenging, particular, and demanding design needs.