Market leader in white LEDs in the Nordic countries since 1984.

Arrant-Light Oy is a Finnish family company specializing in high-quality LEDs and lighting components. We are known globally for our competence, quality, and reliability.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, our customers rely on our knowledge and expertise. We supply to design companies, lighting manufacturers, the maritime industry, and more.

Together with our customers, we have lit shopping centers, monuments, hospitals, and an Olympic stadium. We even carried out the largest LED street light installations in the Nordic countries in Copenhagen.

Design services and high-quality LED components

Today we offer a number of products and services. We want to give our customers high-quality, efficient, long-lasting LED components and accessories.

Our comprehensive lighting solutions for luminaire manufacturers include LED light sources with superior efficacy, like LED modules, LED strips, and COB LEDs. Reliable LED drivers from well-known brands, effective heat management solutions, easy-to-use LED luminaires and light engines, high-efficiency optics, and other accessories for lighting.

We also offer design services like PCB design, LED module design, measurements in our lighting laboratory, solutions for luminaire’s technical structure, and consultation & technical support services.

Where it all started

Our story began in Turku, Finland in 1984 as a supplier of long-lasting fluorescent tubes and light bulbs. Just a few years later, our operations started to expand with more professional staff and large industrial companies as customers.

In the 1990s, our operating model changed more or less into what we do today. Arran-Light Oy shifted its focus to supplying components to the lighting industry and luminaire manufacturers.

In the 2000s our cooperation with Citizen Electronics started and we were able to introduce our Nordic customers to a high-quality white LED that would revolutionize the lighting industry. All did not believe this LED technology would supersede the traditional industry. Now we are proud to say we are the market leader in white LEDs in the Nordic countries.

After many years of experience and knowledge, in the past years, we have been designing and developing our own product lines that are catered to all our customer’s needs. Read more here.

Outshining the competition in the Nordics

All our products represent the latest innovations in lighting technology.
We want to give our customers reliable, energy-efficient,
and easy-to-use options that also consider sustainability.

That is why we have created our own product line, aLED.
It is a combined result of Finnish expertise with almost 40 years of experience in the lighting industry.
For us, the energy efficiency of our products is both a value and a competitive advantage.

It’s easy, it’s aLED.

We are constantly developing our range so that we can offer our customers only the best quality,
energy-efficient, and long-lasting products.


Extensive Product Range Ready for Delivery

In-house Innovation and Laboratory Testing

Ongoing Quality Control


High-Quality Products with Long Lifetime

Recycling and Reducing Plastic in all Packaging

Choosing Sustainable Materials for in-house Brands


In-Depth Customer Service with expertise
of our LED Component Specialists

Customization and Finding the Right Products

Continuous Technical Support