The next generation COB light source that pursues high efficacy,
point source and quality of light.
Contributes to the realization of luminaires with excellent appearance.

Arrant-Light Oy is the official distributor of Citizen COBs in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  

General lighting COB with superior output, efficacy and reliability.
Standard COB
High power point source suitable for applications that require narrow beam angle.
High Intensity
Linear COB with narrower LES achieving more light output than can be realized by conventional technology.
Beautiful and enriched high color quality light. Possible to reproduce the color at low illuminance. Brilliant focusing on color chroma and Natural focusing on color saturation.
Amber and Blue COBs for special lighting solutions.
Color temperature can be changed according to scenes.
High-power UVC LED assembly for disinfection.

Download datasheets from Citizen website

New update
CITILED Version 9
CITILED Standard COB Series

Luminous efficacy has been improved by a maximum of 7 to 8 % Preserving the product appearance of conventional series available in color lineups.

Both high-current drive and reduction of chromaticity variations (2SDCM※4) are achieved.


High Intensity COB Series Ver.4

Superior light source 

For Professional light design

The world’s smallest LES COB, Φ2.4mm(*1)

Added the industry’s smallest class lineup (LESΦ2.4mm)

*1 : According to our investigation as of September 2021. 

Super High CRI with Narrower LES

High Intensity Series Ver.4 has realized the production of Super High CRI (CRI97) 

through the use of our advanced phosphor and packaging technology.