aLED AURA+ Series

aLED AURA+ LED driver series is designed in cold and frosty weather in Finland. The Series reflects Nordic power and mindsets as it works great even in the most demanding conditions. 

Almost 40 years of knowledge of the lighting industry created the aLED AURA+ series, which offers reliable easy-to-use products for lighting professionals.

Arrant-Light Oy and aLED is a member of DALI Alliance.

Ultra-compact IP67 power supplies for on/off solutions. With easy wires.
Compact dimmable IP20 LED drivers with DIP-switch. Choose from 3 different dimming types: TRIAC, DALI-2 and 0-10V.
NEW SR-Series. Dimmable power supplies with strain-reliefs. Choose from 3 different dimming types: TRIAC, DALI-2 and Tunable White.
High power IP67 constant voltage LED drivers with DALI-2 dimming.

NEW SR Series

Compact dimmable LED drivers with strain-reliefs. Select current with DIP-switch.

Since aLED AURA+ launched, it has achieved great popularity among our customers. Compact sizing, easy-to-use, flicker-free & smooth dimming has been the features that our customers have been praising. On the other hand, one feature has been asked for: strain-reliefs. aLED AURA+ has consisted of models with wires, but now we are releasing a series of strain-relief models. From this series, every luminaire manufacturer can find the solution for their needs.

Choose from 3 different dimming types: TRIAC, DALI-2 and Tunable white

UP TO 400W

IP67 Constant voltage DALI-2 LED Drivers

aLed Aura+ Series

The new aLED AURA+ LED driver series is designed with the needs of the lighting industry in mind. All the drivers have great compatibility with aLED products and other components, like COBs and sensors.

Reflects the Nordic power and mindsets
High-quality, reliability and long lifetime reflects the Nordic lifestyle and sailing culture. These drivers are a reliable choice even for the most demanding users while they work in extreme conditions.

Compact size that fits
All aLED AURA+ LED drivers are very compact in sizing, which makes them easily to be fitted in the most narrow places.

Meets newest EU standards with global certificates
All aLED AURA+ LED drivers meet the upcoming EU standards for example in flickering and stand-by power. All global certificates like ENEC, PSE and CB also available in demand.


aLED product always with 5 year warranty.