Power supplies

Arrant-Light Oy has a long history with power supplies. We have distributed power supplies for different light sources since 1984. We are a distributor of well-known and reliable LED drivers that are compatible with various LED light sources. From our selection, you’ll find power supplies for COBs, LED modules and other light sources.   

With our vast knowledge of lighting components and the luminaire industry demands, we have also developed our own LED power supply brand: aLED AURA+ 

compact LED driver
linear led driver
high power led driver
high power led driver
led driver with strain-reliefs

By choosing a LED driver from our comprehensive selection, you can trust that the driver is reliable and represents a well-known brand.

aLED AURA+ LED driver series is a LED power supply brand by Arrant-Light Oy.
Constant Current LED drivers from 1W ~ 300W. DALI-2, TRIAC, 0-10V, 1-10V and on/off models available.
Constant voltage LED drivers from 1W ~400W. DImmable and non-dimmable.
LED drivers for every project quickly from our stock. 5000+ models available.
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ELT LED drivers

Official Distributor of ELT power supplies. 

ELT – Especialidades Luminotécnicas S.A.U. is a Spanish business group specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of lighting solutions and which, over its more than 40 years, has achieved a leading position in the power supply market.

LEtaron LED drivers

Affordable LED power supplies for professional lighting

Letaron LED drivers are compact in size and are suitable for projects demanding low power. Powers from 4W to 36W.

Aura+ led drivers series

The new aLED AURA+ LED driver series is designed with the needs of the lighting industry in mind. All the drivers have great compatibility with aLED products and other components, like COBs and sensors. AURA+ series reflects the Nordic power and mindsets. The drivers are a reliable choice even for the most demanding users while they work in extreme conditions. The voltage ranges are great for COB LEDs and the drivers meet the newest EU standards.

Small-size, easy-to-use, high-quality, affordable pricing and low inrush current are a gamechanger in the driver business.