From Arrant-Light Oy’s selection, you’ll find LED strips and LED spots used in general lighting or luminaire design. These versatile products are suitable for many types of applications.

Always with aLED quality – the best color rendering, long lifetime, and highest efficacy. 


It’s easy, it’s aLED.

KIDEFLEX LED strips with high color rendering and ultra high efficacy. Standard color temperatures and tunable white available.
SUVISPOT LED spots with ultra high color rendering for luxurious lighting. Low blue light hazard.
KIDESPOT is miniature sized LED spot with wide ambient temperature range. Endless opportunities with extreme durability.
KIDELINEAR is linear CRI90 light source with IP-classification. Easy-to-use in different applications.

High color rendering LED strips

aLED KIDEFLEX LED Strip is a high quality LED strip for professional use. Super high efficiency makes it great for luminaire manufacturers, and also it is compliant with the newest EU regulations. Achieve ultra-even light with this LED strip.

Endless possibilities with extreme durability
Mini recessed LED spot

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aLED KIDESPOT is tiny one-diode LED spot with high color rendering index.

aLED KIDESPOT is versatile product that can be used in multiple application types. Great for luminaires that need extreme durability or even for different appliances. Wide ambient temperature range makes it possible to use in cool and hot environments, indoor and outdoor.


Bring the sunlight inside

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When you are looking for the best quality of light – aLED SUVISPOT is the right choice. Its LED technology imitates the light of the sun. This means that the light renders all colors vividly and naturally.

aLED SUVISPOT creates luxurious lighting in homes, hotels, cruise ships, and everywhere where the best quality of light is needed. This low blue light hazard LED spot gives you a relaxing atmosphere. As the spot is easy-to-use in general lighting projects, it’s also great for luminaire design. This spot is a package of LED, optic, and heatsink. So it gives you the design freedom to design a new kind of luminaires easily.

Linear IP65 Luminaire

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aLED KIDELINEAR IP65 luminaire is a versatile product that can be used as a light source in multiple applications, for example in appliances.  

LED module and light source
designing service

Didn’t find the light source that you are looking for? 

100+ LED profiles
aLED Profiles

Wide selection of LED aluminum profiles that can be customizable in any length. These profiles can be ordered with or without LED strip.